tiqr 1.0.0 sources released

Posted by: Ivo Jansch in: Android release, iPhone release, Server release

I’ve just uploaded all the sources for the release we have tagged ‘1.0.0’. This is the first public release of the Tiqr source. Please note that the Android version is lagging behind and lacks some of the features of the iPhone feature, but we’ve tagged it 1.0.0 anyway so we have a consistent package of applications. Expect a more complete Android implementation in a couple of weeks.

Please note that most of these packages do not come bundled with the dependencies they require (e.g. you need to drop the simplesamlphp-authtiqr module into an existing simplesamlphp installation). The iPhone and Android builds do come bundled with their dependencies so that you can compile them out of the box.

Howtos on setting up a tiqr server using either simpleSAMLphp or Zend Framework is upcoming.

4 comments to “tiqr 1.0.0 sources released”

  1. brobbey isaac zegt:

    my gmail account cannot be opened

  2. David Clayton zegt:

    Hi there
    I am keen to implement this solution and so downloaded your demo website to see how it goes.

    I cannot get the site to work asn there appears to be files/code missing.

    Do you have an updated version of the demo site for download?

  3. Joost van Dijk zegt:

    Hi David, we migrated all software to github, see:

    Everything is still in one repo – we’ll split those out soon.

  4. Joost van Dijk zegt:

    To update on my last comment: in github, we split the repo into separate projects. Most notably:

    The PHP library is at https://github.com/SURFnet/tiqr-server-libphp

    The iOS client is at https://github.com/SURFnet/tiqr-client-ios
    The Android client is at https://github.com/SURFnet/tiqr-client-android

    The simplesamlphp module is at https://github.com/SURFnet/simplesamlphp-module-authtiqr

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