Crashes on iOS 4.2.1 reported

Posted by: Joost van Dijk in: News

We’ve had a couple of reports that the tiqr App crashes during enrolment on iOS 4.2.1. If you experience this problem please let us know so we can investigate it. Upgrading to the latest release of iOS resolves the problem.

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  1. Oliver Weyhmueller zegt:

    I compiled the tiqr-iphone sources and also had that issue on iOS 4.2.1 I tried to use it on my good old iPhone 3G and that’s the highest iOS version supported there, so upgrading is not an option.

    I found out that the first line of the function processChallenge (in refers to the constant DISPATCH_QUEUE_PRIORITY_BACKGROUND which is not available until iOS 4.3. I would recommend to exchange this with DISPACH_QUEUE_PRIORITY_LOW to make the app compatible with iOS 4.2.

    BTW: When the required device capability “video-camera” is removed from the app’s plist fIle, it runs perfectly on the iPhone 3G.

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