tiqr 1.0 in Android Market

Posted by: Joost van Dijk in: Android release

tiqr version 1.0 is now available in the Android Market.

2 comments to “tiqr 1.0 in Android Market”

  1. Natanael L zegt:

    Cool app! I hope this thing really takes off!
    I was looking for graphical Qr code makers (one that lets you put images in the code, exploiting the error correction to do it and still be scannable; but I only found a non-english one that costs) and found this app.

    BTW, could you take a look at PageKite and say if your server code could work well with it? I’m writing from my phone, so please google it. (It’s in Python, that might make it easier to find the right thing.)

  2. Roland van Rijswijk zegt:

    Thanks for your comment! I see no reason why it should not work with PageKite were it integrated into it. We have recently talked to someone who is thinking about contributing a Python implementation for the server end of tiqr, so who knows 🙂

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