Crashes on iOS 4.2.1 reported

Posted by: Joost van Dijk in: News

We’ve had a couple of reports that the tiqr App crashes during enrolment on iOS 4.2.1. If you experience this problem please let us know so we can investigate it. Upgrading to the latest release of iOS resolves the problem.

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Presentation at Internet2 Spring Member meeting well attended

Posted by: Joost van Dijk in: News

Our presentation on tiqr at the Internet2 Spring Member was well attended, and we are very happy with the enthusiastic response we got from the crowd. If you would like to download the latest version of the slides, click here, for a partial video (first 33 minutes includes demo) click here.

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tiqr for iPhone now available

Posted by: Joost van Dijk in: News

Since early last night tiqr for iPhone is available on the App Store! Many thanks to our team and the guys at Egeniq for some hard work and to the App Review team at Apple for some speedy reviewing. Read more here.

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tiqr 1.0.0 iPhone version in the App Store

Posted by: Joost van Dijk in: iPhone release

Version 1.0.0 of tiqr is now available for free from the App Store!

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tiqr 1.0.0 Android App

Posted by: Joost van Dijk in: Android release

I’ve also now added a pre-built version of the tiqr 1.0.0 Android App for download: tiqrAndroid (see also tiqr 1.0.0 sources released)

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tiqr 1.0.0 sources released

Posted by: Ivo Jansch in: Android release, iPhone release, Server release

I’ve just uploaded all the sources for the release we have tagged ‘1.0.0’. This is the first public release of the Tiqr source. Please note that the Android version is lagging behind and lacks some of the features of the iPhone feature, but we’ve tagged it 1.0.0 anyway so we have a consistent package of […]


iPhone App under review

Posted by: Joost van Dijk in: Development

After an initial rejection because we forgot to indicate that we use a camera in the App metadata, our iPhone App is now under review. We are crossing our fingers and hoping that the App will be available in the App Store somewhere early next week. We’ll keep you posted!


Demo site online

Posted by: Joost van Dijk in: News

The tiqr demo site is now online! Check it out here.

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tiqr presentation at Internet2 Spring Member Meeting

Posted by: Joost van Dijk in: News

The very first public presentation on tiqr will be held at the Internet2 Spring Member Meeting in Arlington VA on April 20th. If you’re at the I2SMM, please come join us in Salon D at 1:15PM! More information can be found in the I2SMM schedule. The slide deck for the presentation can be downloaded from […]

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First server release is upcoming

Posted by: Joost van Dijk in: Server release

We are working on finishing the first server and SimpleSAMLphp release. The source code will be posted here soon.

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