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tiqr is available on Github, you can clone it from the URL below:

Contributing to or participating in the project

If you have ideas on how tiqr can be enhanced and would like to contribute or participate you are more than welcome! Please drop us a line:

We are specifically looking for people willing to port the tiqr App to other platforms such as Blackberry, Windows Mobile 7, etc.

If you make any changes, feel free to push them to Github. We strive to process any changes as quickly as possible.

Development blog

Below is a list with the latest entries in the development blog.

Test team for tiqr

Posted by Joost van Dijk in: Development

Would you like to be a member of the tiqr test team? Sign up at TestFlight and we will invite you to download and test beta versions of our tiqr app.

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tiqr simpleSAMLphp installation howto

Posted by Ivo Jansch in: Development

tiqr is available in a number of flavours. One is the base library that you can integrate into your own security solution, another is a plugin for simpleSAMLphp that allows easy tiqr integration into an existing simpleSAMLphp setup.

This post explains how to install the simpleSAMLphp plugin and how to configure it.

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Tiqr Library Integration Guide – Enrollment

Posted by Ivo Jansch in: Development

In the first part of the integration guide we covered login integration. Before a user can login they have to create an account though and link it to their phone. This process is called enrollment. In the demo application this is simply a matter of clicking the ‘create an account’ link which allows anybody to create an account.

In your own applications the process may be quite different: you may have a corporate application and accounts may only be created by registered employees, so they login using their regular employee login first.

Tiqr allows you to design and implement your own enrollment scheme. For tiqr all that matters is that somewhere in the process an enrollment QR code is displayed which contains the user’s identity. This guide covers how you can integrate the tiqr library into your processes to perform this enrollment. How you get the QR code to your user (on a page, by email) is out of scope here – for the sake of simplicity we’ll assume that you’re displaying the QR code on a page similar to the demo environment.

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Tiqr Library Integration Guide – Login

Posted by Ivo Jansch in: Development

This post is the first in a series of posts on how to integrate the tiqr software into your own software.

Note: if your application uses simpleSAMLphp as its authentication library, you may want to download the authTiqr plugin for simpleSAMLphp, which is a completely pre-integrated, out of the box tiqr setup. All it requires is some configuration. Also, if your application is based on Zend Framework, download the zfTiqr package, which is an example integration of Tiqr into a Zend Framework application. For all other integrations, read on.

We’ll start with the login process. The next post will cover enrollment. Before you start to integrate tiqr in your own application, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the concepts, for example by using the demo environment to see how tiqr works.

Tiqr is a library that is intended to be integrated into applications. The library has interactions that involve both the user’s browser and the user’s phone, but it will never do so directly. It will use your application as a wrapper. This allows you to customize everything that tiqr does, and it allows the tiqr library itself to remain independent of implementation details.

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iPhone App under review

Posted by Joost van Dijk in: Development

After an initial rejection because we forgot to indicate that we use a camera in the App metadata, our iPhone App is now under review. We are crossing our fingers and hoping that the App will be available in the App Store somewhere early next week.

We’ll keep you posted!


iPhone App submitted

Posted by Joost van Dijk in: Development

We have just submitted the first iPhone version of the App for approval and inclusion in the App Store! Since we use cryptography, we can expect a longer wait than normal because of export regulations… Once the App has been approved we will post more information here.

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