Partner projects and organisations

The following partner projects and organisations integrate tiqr into one or more of their products:

RCDevs is a young company specialised in the development of innovative security solutions. It is known for its OpenOTP Authentication Server solution which relies on Open Source technologies and Open Standards such as OATH.RCDevs has integrated tiqr support in its server solution, providing simple integration with appliances and software packages, self-registration components, an OpenID Server implementation for tiqr and a PAM plugin for tiqr and third-party web software tiqr integrations.
Galois is a U.S. owned and operated company that was founded in 1999 in Portland, Oregon to provide a unique R&D capability for government and commercial clients. Galois applies revolutionary mathematical, computer science and engineering approaches to solve critical problems in software security, safety, privacy and performance. Galois has been instrumental in bringing cutting edge research into practice for the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Energy (DoE), Intelligence, biotechnology and aerospace communities.Open source culture, much like Galois’ own organization, thrives on the power of collaboration. Galois benefits from advances made in the open source community and we strive to continually give back, making much of our software freely available to others.Galois and SURFnet are joining forces to combine the open source efforts for tiqr with Galois’ Animate project to bring the world a new secure and easy to use authentication factor.
Clavid is a Swiss based Identity Provider. Clavid manages all state-of-the-art strong authentication methods such as biometrics, one-time-passwords, multi-channel-authentication, as well as hard- and soft-token based identity validation solutions. In addition, Clavid provides cross-domain single sign-on for protocols such as SAML, OpenID, OAUTH and others. The Clavid strong authentication services are currently used across the globe from more than 50 countries.Clavid has integrated tiqr into their AaaS (Authentication as a Service) platform. If you like, you can register for a FREE, tiqr enabled OpenID that can be used at any OpenID enabled web site.
For PHP development, a free OS license for PhpStorm was kindly provided by JetBrains.